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About Us

Our Mission!

Provide our clients high quality diamonds at the best possible prices, we specialize in GIA certified round and fancy cut diamonds with emphasis on EX EX cushion brilliants, cushion modified, princess cut, radiant, asscher cut, ovals and emerald cut diamonds. We also carry triple EX rounds Hearts and Arrows diamonds.

From time to time we get our hands on some old European and old mine cut diamonds and estate pieces. All of our stones are certified by the leading laboratories GIA and AGS labs.

We sell only to the trade, this is a wholesale site only!

Our Diamonds

We carry cushion brilliants, a hard item to find in today's market. GIA has changed the guide lines of what is considered a cushion brilliant and it is much more difficult for a stone to get the cushion brilliant as oppose to cushion modified which  is not as nice cut  as a cushion brilliant.

We are very picky with our fancy cut diamonds, most of them are excellent polish and symmetry and have the right depth and table measurements to maximize the brilliance of the diamond

The Bottom Line!

We do our best to provide unsurpassed service to our customers.  No matter what your inventory needs are we’ll make every effort to meet your demands. we look to establish a long term  relationship with our clients based on integrity  and honesty that would make transactions easy and enjoyable for both our clients and us. we are proud of the diamonds we sell and you can be sure you did not sacrifice quality for price.

Gideon Chamdi